4차 산업혁명은 데이터 기반 경영으로 생산 및 서비스 제공의 지능화를 이루는 것이 핵심입니다. 하지만 데이터 그 자체로는 아무 효용이 없습니다. 이를 원하는 방향으로 활용하고 통제할 때 기업의 혁신이 일어납니다. 비즈니스 Insight에 기반한 경영활동은 데이터 활용의 모든 Cycle을 직관적으로 확인하고 완벽히 이해할 때 비로소 가능합니다. 시각화에서 시작해 통제에 이르기까지 N3N은 세상 모든 데이터의 완벽한 활용을 가능하게 합니다.


N3N은 IoT 산업 환경 내 산재해 있는 데이터들을 한눈에 확인할 수 있는 시각콘텐츠로 재구성합니다. 이러한 콘텐츠는 실시간으로 구성되며 맥락을 유지하고 다른 차원의 데이터 사이를 자유롭게 이동합니다. 그 결과 전문가뿐만 아니라 비즈니스를 공유하는 모든 사람들에게 깊은 수준의 비즈니스 통찰력을 제공합니다. 이를 바탕으로 미래 예측, 신속 정확한 의사결정이 가능하게 되어 기업의 가치 창출로 경쟁력을 얻을 수 있습니다.


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Sam Nam

Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder

Sam Nam is the Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of N3N which he launched in 2012 with CTO and cofounder, Peter Chang. He is the visionary behind N3N’s visualization software product line. Sam leads the company in its mission to transform the way teams and organizations monitor, detect, and predict business operation issues.

Peter Chang

Chief Technology Officer, Cofounder

Peter Chang is Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder of N3N. Peter has been instrumental in N3N’s product development and is responsible for the company’s overall software production, platform strategy, and third party integrations. Peter holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Brown University.

Jimmy Kim

Chief of Global Business, Cofounder

Jimmy is Chief of Global Business and a Cofounder of N3N. Jimmy leads N3N’s international sales and business development teams. Jimmy brings over 15 years of sales, business development, and sales management experience to N3N. Since joining N3N, Jimmy has built relationships with major brands including Kia Motors, Hyundai Steel, POSCO, and Korean Telecom.

Shashi Senger

Chief Strategy Officer

Shashi is Chief Strategy Officer for N3N. Shashi joined N3N in 2014. In this role he leads the company’s overall business operations, driving the strategy for N3N’s North America launch which includes product development, building a sales and marketing organization and securing extensive partnerships. He is also responsible for N3N’s investor relations and world wide corporate strategy. Shashi has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software. Prior to joining N3N he held several key leadership roles at Cisco Systems where he worked for over 10 years.

Erhan Cakmak

Chief Operating Officer

Erhan is a General Electric fellow and, as a General Manager for Aspect, built the vendor’s European markets from scratch. Erhan attended the Bergische University in Germany, earning a Master’s in Macro and Micro Economics. He also has completed distinctive management programs such as the Stanford University Executive Program and GE Crotonville Academy.

Kiran Kulkarni

Chief Delivery Officer

Kiran is Chief Delivery officer for N3N. Kiran joined N3N in 2014. Kiran leads the company’s software implementation. Kiran brings over 15 years of software development, application development, team development, and performance management experience to N3N. Prior to N3N Kiran held leadership roles at Cisco Systems and Oracle.